Found a dollar at the library today. Lucky dollar?
Reading at the mchenry library

I am utterly amazed at how these “guests” can allow their kids to run around chasing each other as if it were a playground, letting them play with the elevators on each floor and talking as if it were a street fair. They don’t seem to be aware that they are in a library and have no sense of respect for those who need to get things done. With that said, it is by far the loudest group of guests I’ve ever seen in an academic setting. I am beyond annoyed.

Libraries are constantly under attack from people who fear knowledge, people who think guns are more important than books, and people who want to ensure that multi-millionaires pocket even more money. As an author, father, and a reader, I beg you: please support your local libraries in any way you can, and if you enjoy reading, take a moment to thank a librarian.
Wil Wheaton (via fashionchief)

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